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- Latest HMRC campaign against tax evasion targets home improvement trades, direct selling & missing tax returns

Published by Guy Baragwanath in Latest Revenue News · 9/2/2012 15:05:29
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Following on from the previous targeting campaigns by HMRC to provide opportunities for people to voluntarily put their tax affairs in order and declare unpaid tax if they have not done so already, a new round of campaigns are to start soon.

The new campaigns will focus on:

- Home improvement trades:

Home improvement trades people such as roofers, bricklayers and carpenters, window fitters and joiners.

- Direct selling:

People who make money from hand-delivered home catalogues (including earning commission on the sales of selling goods from these catalogues).

- Missing returns:

People who fail to complete tax returns, particularly higher-rate taxpayers.

People who believe they need to make a disclosure and want to come forward and voluntary disclose should call HMRC on 0845 601 5041.

Previous campaigns have targeted medical professionals, private tutors, offshore investments, VAT defaulters and most notably, plumbers where nearly 600 people have come forward to "notify" HMRC of their intention to declare unpaid tax, with over £4m being paid due to the campaign. HMRC are showing that they are getting tough too, with 10 plumbers being arrested and with more arrests planned.

More than £500m has been raised by HMRC from voluntary disclosures and a further £105m from follow-up activity.

Future campaigns that will be launched before the end of 2011/12 will focus on:
- E-marketplaces such as eBay
- Electricians

If you fall into any of the categories above and you believe you should be declaring income that you have previously not declared (and even if you do not fall into any of the categories above but you have undeclared income) C&GB Associates can help you work with HMRC and help you sort everything out. Contact us via the details below.

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